What’s the best way to repair damaged blacktop and asphalt surfaces?  We answer these and other questions here at Road Patch info site.  There is now a safe and reliable method for repairing potholes, utility cuts, overlays and edge repairs.


Special blends of cold patch asphalt are ideal for pot hole repair and other road maintenance jobs.  Preheating cold patch always results in quicker more durable end product.  Years of highway research shows that even though cold patch asphalt is rated to work when cold… it is much easier to work with when preheated and the end result is a stronger more durable surface.

Heat soaking your asphalt mix by using Powerblanket’s heat spreading technology will accomplish 3 things:

1. Easier to work with when preheated
2. Makes for quicker road repairs
3. Better more durable end result

State and federal highway departments use these outdoor construction grade heat blanket on highway repair projects to assure a longer lasting result.  Contractors are finding that preheating cold patch is preferable to old methods of application.  Powerblanket  offers a complete line of blankets, wraps, ovens, and heated boxes for quickly heating your asphalt mix.