Pot-HolesALEXANDRIA, Va. – It’s that time of year again. Potholes are starting to pop up everywhere, and drivers are trying to maneuver around these big bumps in the road.

“It comes with the territory man– the further north you go, the worst they are,” said one driver.”People hit potholes and you break your whole car up,” complained another driver. “Insurance doesn’t cover it. Nobody covers it. It’s horrible.”It’s so horrible that on Monday night as part of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge project, crews were working on emergency pothole repairs caused by the weather.

“The problem becomes heightened really after you get a snow, rain during the winter,” explained Chris Sherard, project manager. “All the water tends to seep down into these cracks in the roadway surface.”

The crews will focus on Cameron Run, where Sherard says several potholes have popped up in the last few days. Normally when drivers call them in or work crews notice them, they get put on the to-do list.

“You find a pothole, you put the lane closure end, you send a crew out they clean out all the debris,” explained Sherard. “Then they will take the material we use to backfill it, exotic concrete or cold patch.”

During this emergency pothole work, two lanes of the Beltway’s Inner Loop between U.S. Route 1 interchange and the Eisenhower Connector will be closed every night. By 5 in the morning, they hope to have the roads reopened, and the pothole patrol keeps moving.

“It will be an inconvenience for the public, but it’s a lot less inconvenient than flat tires,” said Sherard.

Sherard says this is only the start of what could be a big problem in what could be a bad winter.

They hope to eventually repair the potholes on the other side of the Beltway, but that project will depend on how well this project goes and how well the weather holds up.

Similar pot hole repair project will begin simultaneously all around the country as road crews take on the arduous task of rebuilding one of the worst highway systems the country has seen in years.  Be prepared for delays!

Pot Hole Repair News By WISDOM MARTIN/myfoxdc

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