(Harris & Bros. – Dec. 18, 2013) – Road crews working in cold winter weather require superior equipment and tools to make proper road repairs, especially in climates where temperatures drop to single digits and below zero.  For years, Cold Patch Asphalt manufacturers and Pot Hole repair products bragged that their products could be applied in freezing temperatures.  For those of us working outdoors in the freezing temps, we know that cold asphalt is very difficult to apply (and keep it sticking) in freezing temperatures. That’s why we use and recommend using Powerblanket material heating blankets to pre-heat cold patch before applying.  Several company trucks have the Powerblanket HotBoxes in the bed, where pallets of cold patch are covered with portable heat ovens that can heat just about any temperature sensitive material.

We don’t leave home without it.

Hot Box by Powerblanket
Hot Box by Powerblanket CALL (866) 805-HEAT
  • Heat Paint, Caulking, Resins, & Glues
  • Pre-heat Cold Patch Asphalt & Blacktop
  • Warm Spray Foam, Spakling, & Drywall Mud
  • Heat Asphalt Shingles & Roofing Materials
  • Heat Cylinders, Buckets, & Barrels

Powerblanket products can be purchased by calling 866-805-HEAT

Powerblanket products can be purchased at hundreds of locations in the US & Canada including a couple of dozen online distributors.  Our pick for best stock and pricing is HEAT AUTHORITY.  www.HEATAUTHORITY.com