Bitumen is a viscous oily material that is a naturally-occurring organic byproduct of decomposed organic materials. Also known as asphalt or tar, bitumen was mixed with other materials throughout history and throughout the world for use as a sealant, adhesive, building mortar, asphalt, and road repair material.

Bitumen is still used in many parts of the world to build-up roads, pathways and highways. Similar to cold patch, bitumen works best when heated before application.  Our research shows that the HotBox, manufactured by Powerblanket, is an effective method of pre-heating bitumen and asphalt for road construction and pothole repair.


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Powerblanket & CureMAX have developed a series of heated wraps and enclosures designed specifically for warehouse and jobsite applications. Bitumen, asphalt, cold patch, paint, caulking, food products, construction materials and other temperature sensitive items can now be pre-heated prior to application, producing ideal boundary conditions for product installation. Entire pallets can now be heated to desired temperature prior to application.

  • Heat drums, buckets, pails, and containers
  • Preheat paint, caulking, asphalt, & shingles
  • Preheat work surfaces and materials
  • Powerblanket Keeps the heat in & the cold OUT!

HotBox Powerblanket

The #1 Powerblanket MODEL HB64 HotBox is an Insulated Electric Bulk Material Portable Oven.  HotBox is 64 cu ft (4′x4′x4′), 120 Volt, 1440 Watt, 12.0 Amp, and features a patented heat spreading technology and structured box design creating a 64 cu.ft. controlled environment that rapidly heats temperature sensitive materials including bagged asphalt, bitumen, paint, caulking, epoxy, resins, food products, and palletized drums & buckets. The HB64 includes Adjustable Thermostatic Controller and Adjustable Straps. Ideal for Warehouses,Construction and Job Sites.  UL/CSA/ETL Certified – U.S.A. (* Results are contingent upon boundary conditions).

CureMAX Cold Weather Thaw & Cure Thermal Blankets

HOW THEY WORK:  CureMAX™ blankets do not require a thermostat.  Temperature beneath the blanket will consistently be 50°F to 60°F above ambient outdoor air temperature.  Tarps or insulated curing blankets placed over the top of CureMAX™ will increase the temperature under the blanket on average an additional 10°F to 15°F.

For example, when outdoor temperatures are 10°F…  you can expect CureMAX™ to be @ 60°F to 70°F under the blanket.  Add an insulated tarp or blanket on top and the temperature will raise another 10 degrees.

Advantages:       Applications:
* Light Weight Solution        * Thaw Ground
* 28 Day Strength in 7 DAYS        * Heat Sand Piles
* Eliminate Work Stoppage        * Flat Work & Walls
* Economical        * Storage Tanks
* Wet Cure Solution        * Bridge Decks
* No Open Flame        * Cure/Protect Concrete


CureMAX™ heated blankets are constructed of tough reinforced PVC, grommeted around the perimeter, insulation is provided by a closed cell microfoam which keeps the heat directed to the ground or wall, and all edges are sealed to keep out the elements. These durable blankets are reusable, roll easily and store compactly, ready for the next storm.

With CureMAX™, you can be assured that your most temperature-sensitive materials will be safe and protected at all times in the coldest climates whether you’re heating, thawing, curing or insulating.

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