HotBox Powerblanket

It’s that time of year again when potholes start popping up.  In certain parts of the country, the issues has become so bad that insurance companies won’t cover damage caused by potholes.  It usually gets worse right after heavy rains and the first snow the season.  Cold Patch Asphalt has become a popular solution for road repair and crews are learning that pre-heating cold patch asphalt will always result in a better fix and cure.   It goes down easier, is more workable and yields a better (longer lasting) end product.  The #1 method for pre-heating cold patch is the HotBox manufactured by Powerblanket.


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Powerblanket has developed a series of heated wraps and enclosures designed specifically for warehouse and jobsite applications. Asphalt shingles, paint, caulking, food products, construction materials and other temperature sensitive items can now be pre-heated prior to application, producing ideal boundary conditions for product installation. Entire pallets can now be heated to desired temperature prior to application.

  • Heat drums, buckets, pails, and containers
  • Preheat paint, caulking, asphalt, & shingles
  • Preheat work surfaces and materials
  • Powerblanket Keeps the heat in & the cold OUT!

HotBox PowerblanketThe Powerblanket MODEL HB64 HotBox is an Insulated Electric Bulk Material Portable Oven.  HotBox is 64 cu ft (4’x4’x4′), 120 Volt, 1440 Watt, 12.0 Amp, and features a patented heat spreading technology and structured box design creating a 64 cu.ft. controlled environment that rapidly heats temperature sensitive materials including bagged asphalt, paint, caulking, epoxy, resins, food products, and palletized drums & buckets. The HB64 includes Adjustable Thermostatic Controller and Adjustable Straps. Ideal for Warehouses, Construction and Job Sites.  UL/CSA/ETL Certified – U.S.A. (* Results are contingent upon boundary conditions).  Buy online @ Heat Authority.


  • Heat-soak bagged asphalt & construction materials
  • Warm bulk & palletized product
  • Great for warehouse and construction site use
  • Preheat paint, caulk, resins and epoxy
  • Insulated full wrap design – keeps the heat in & cold out
  • Safe on a wide variety of materials
  • Adjustable thermostat for pinpoint temperature control
  • Internal free standing frame
  • Easy to setup, takedown and transport
  • Protects Temperature Sensitive Materials
  • Certified to UL / CSA / ETL safety standards
  • 64 cu/ft: 120V, 12.0A, 1,440W
  • 4’L x 4’H x 4’W, 46 lbs