There are several very good cold patch asphalt products on the market which we will spotlight here. Although most claim to stay pliable even in cold temperatures, testing shows that when heated first, cold patch applies much easier and sets up better that cold patch that is applied cold.  We recommend the Powerblanket for cold patch asphalt heating and pot hole repair material warming.  They can be reached toll free at (866) 805-HEAT or online at

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SYNLIME – 100% Complete Lime Replacement.

SYNLIME™ just received the most innovative new product (MIP) award for best new MASONRY EQUIPMENT at this year’s World of Concrete & Masonry trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada.   SYNLIME’S™ patented admixtures will allow construction professionals to improve their quality, safety, and bottom line. Becoming a Lime-Free™ user has never been easier. Demanded by thousands in the block, brick and tile trades.

Cold Patch applies faster and cures better when pre-heated.  We recommend the Powerblanket for pre-heating cold patch and curing asphalt.  Purchase online at Heat Authority or by calling (866) 805-HEAT


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